Gledring is a technologically sophisticated company that cares for the development of technology and materials with carefully selected employees throughout its years of existence. We are aware that only with quality we can create perfect long-life products for your vehicle.


Our company is specialized in fast and accurate tool making. Often happens that car mats are already manufactured before the vehicle comes to market.

Working machines

In the Gledring company working machines are the result of our knowledge and many years of experience, since we build every machine in production ourselves, taking into account the latest standards and materials. This ensures technically perfected and quality products.

Perfect fit of rubber trunk mats and car mats

Gledring company wants to create a perfect product, so all dimensions and forms of mats are manually measured because we do not copy existing ones. Our measurements are complete and fit 100% to the vehicle, as each detail is taken into account. Gledring is responsible for all dimensions and shapes of mats, as they fit the vehicle as original ones.


In addition to quality in Gledring company, we devote most of our time to design just because we are aware that customers want something more and, above all, different. Thus, together with our designers, we were the first to develop rubber mats that do not have a classic square shape and are easy to clean. With this look of rubber mats, we opened ourselves the door to the world market. The concern for design and uniqueness is the virtue that has Gledring company anchored as innovators in the car industry. In 2018, we were the first to launch the new product – rubber trunk mat. This product moved the car industry into a new direction, as we created the first rubber trunk mat that offers the multifunctional protection of the bumper and rear seats. As for the rubber car mats as well as the rubber trunk mats, we received a design award, which is a special honor for the Gledring company.

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