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Already 10 year Automechanika fair in Frankfurt

Even though we have attended all major fairs (Paris, Dubai, England, Istanbul, Las Vegas …), it is our special honor that for 10 years our products can be presented at the most important fair among all -Automechanika fair in Frankfurt. This year, besides rubber car mats which are tailor made, we also presented our new product: rubber trunk mats, which impressed our business partners and visitors. More about our rubber mats…

We have gained many new customers, we have strengthened our connections with existing ones and met all the leading companies and friends from the car world in one place. Thanks to Automechanika fair in Frankfurt 2018.

Gledring press

New website

After ten years we have come up with a new website. We like it, what about you?

New Models

New models in September 2018

We have developed these new models of custom fit rubber mats (September 2018) :

PEUGEOT Rifter 09.2018->
CITROEN Berlingo 09.2018->
CR-V 09.2018-> SUV / 5door, manual

The complete list of all our custom rubber mats is HERE.

New Models

Started with the production of a new generation of Gledring rubber trunk mats

The project was extremely exhausting and time consuming, but we have succeeded. That’s why we are so excited and proud that we started the production of Gledring rubber trunk mats. It took just over 3 years from the idea to the realization and the beginning of production. Not only did we develop the perfect product for this purpose we made a step further and together with experts developed and patented a brand new material Rubassol in the automotive industry. The trunk mat is fully fitted with the luggage compartment and is characterized by its high quality and elegant design. We also added a multifunctional carpet with which you can optionally protect the rear bumper or back seats. It is a completely new use and function of the trunk mat, which was developed and patented by Gledring.

New Models

Development of Rubassol material for trunk mats

We developed and protected our own material called Rubassol. Its specialty is the quality, the beautiful appearance of the final product, the flexibility, the cleanliness and much more. The material has all the necessary certifications needed to sell the product throughout the world. We also got a food certificate, which testifies to the integrity and cleanliness of the material since it can be used in the food industry.

Gledring press

AutoZum Salzburg (Austria)

From 18th till 21st of January we exhibited on AutoZum Salzburg (Austria), which is mostly intend to Austrian market. Positive feedback of visitors gave us additional elan and confirmation that we’re doing right.

New Models

44 new models

In year 2016 we produce for you 44 new models of CUSTOM-FIT RUBBER CAR MATS – so at the moment we can offer you all together 458 different models.